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Who made a beer?


Louise Mulroy (middle) is a creative producer for an advertising agency. 

She's a beer fan who has recently (almost entirely) converted from cheap big brand lager guzzling to experimenting with fuller-flavoured beers, though she's still an advocate of a quality lager. 

Lucy Stevenson (right) is Marketing Manager and wine educator at the world's largest wine, spirits and sake school, WSET School London. She gets through almost as much beer as wine, but knew next to nothing about beer before she started brewing and podcasting. She particularly enjoys the nerdy bits with yeast and stuff. 

Tash Vine (left), Lucy & Louise's brew-ru, helps them put together recipes to make their beery dreams come true. Tash can now be found brewing at Brewery Below in Islington AND as Head Brewer at Bianca Road Brew Co in Peckham. Tash is also the founder of Driptych Brew Co. and one half of the amazing Barrel Kitchen supper club.